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An Angel on my shoulder

I do not own Anita Blake verse or Supernatural. I own Drake Shamis only. Other characters are owned by their respective owners.

The spirit world had shoved him back into the land of the living and hell he didn’t want to be there. Turning his head, he buried it into the pillow as a groan left him. Head pounded with the force of the hang over and the dream waking him so fast that he was disoriented. Come to think of it, it took him a few minutes to remember why he had been so drunk in the first place.

It all came crashing back as he gasped bolting upright on the bed. Eyes blurred slightly but he noticed on thing… Seth standing at the foot of the bed. No, it was not Seth, for one the Hyena didn’t wear those clothes and the look on the man’s face was blank, expressionless. So unlike the youngest of the fantastic four. Swinging his legs out he rubbed the back of his neck then turned his head and glanced at the Seth look alike. Strangely, Drake knew who it was, and he scowled at the angel, “You know, fucking with a man on a spirit dream is like fucking with his guns… What the hell do you want?”

“You should be a little nicer White Warrior Cougar. I have something to tell you.”

“Ok like…lets see, your friends are safe with god, or better yet that your friends are in the spirit world happy. I don’t buy it.” Drake was angry, pissed off and lonely as hell. All of his friends had died face down, so he couldn’t help guide them to the spirit world. It struck a cord in him that Thayet couldn’t even seem to ease. Everyone kept telling him time would ease the pain of losing his best friend and lover, and his other two best friends. He doubted it would, after all, he was a human servant and he would be around as long as Thayet would be. It wasn’t something he looked forward too. He wanted his friends and it was just too much to ask. Reached for the bottle of rum he opened it, took a swig, and sighed before looking back over to the angel, “Why don’t you take you scrawny ass out of here before I find the spear of destiny and kill you with it?”

“Because I’m going to take you to your friends.”

“Right… so your gonna pull something the coyote would do just for what… to make this bounty hunter happy?”

“God wills that you join them.”

Pulling out he walked towards the angel the bottle of rum in his hand he threw it past Castiel, it smashed against the wall liquid flying and the glass falling where it landed. Standing in front of the angel, it was hard not to take in the same features that were so much like Seth’s, “I can’t die in case you noticed, I’m a human servant.”

“Who said anything about dying?”

Tilt of head he quirked a brow, what the hell was up with this guy, the only way he could join his friends was to die. Shaking his head he pulled away and kicked at the table near him, “Don’t be putting thoughts in my head, I have enough problems right now then to be thinking there’s a way I can be with them.
“But there is, they may have died in this realm but they are alive in another and remember you and would like you there.”

“Bullshit, go talk to the hand asshole.”

“Do you not trust your instincts Drake Shamis, your instincts tell you right now that what I say is true. I can take you to them; you only have to take my hand. You will not die here and your Mistress will still have you here. You will be…”

Drake looked over as shook his head, “I’ll be what… A spirit myself… What good is that, if I can't touch Taylor and feel him…?”

“You will be like myself….an angel.”

Hmmm, he’d finally lost it, really lost it. He gave a laugh, “I should go all Constantine on your ass you know that?”

“If you want too you can but I don’t think Constantine would like that very much he’s doing his job and you need to do yours.”

“And what’s that?”

“Keep the balance.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not in the princess bride and I’m not a pirate.”

“Just take my hand Drake. You’ll understand soon enough.”

Shamis watched as Castiel moved his hand an offering, the temptation to take the hand was overwhelming. Reaching out he took it. He couldn’t keep going on, as he had been, useless to Thayet and drinking constantly. He had to trust his gut instincts and it said that this was right.

He was in the hotel room one minute then next on the edge of the woods in some god-forsaken town staring at a hotel room. There walking side by side where two… Tegans?! Seth and Taylor walking beside a younger man. Confusion crossed his face as he turned his head to ask Castiel what was going on. There was no one there; just him standing there staring back at the three people he loved more then anything in the world. His heart went to his throat as a sob left him, sinking to his knees he finally did something that he had not been able to do since the death of his friends. He cried poured out all the emotions in one horrific go. Head turned up as he screamed only to feel a hand so familiar settle on his shoulder, then slide down and pull him into a hug and embrace that he just shuttered against it burying his head, “Welcome home Drake.” The voice…belonging to none other then his lover and best friend Taylor.


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May. 8th, 2009 10:32 pm (UTC)
Very Nicely done, GH! *nods*
Very Nice indeed. *g*
May. 8th, 2009 10:34 pm (UTC)
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