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Inspiration comes from the most amazing places. It's interesting, really. Today while trying to get my living room done and reorganized I was looking through my sewing stuff and I came across my quilting rulers. I was like where can I put them. Well it dawned on my I should make a bag for the quilting supplies and I'm not just talking about the patterns or the fabric. I'm talking about the rulers the quilting table( it folds up ) and the little knick knacks that go with it. So I'll be making a bag for that.

Among that today I found fabric I forgot I had. How did that happen? Well easy really considering I don't have a lot of room so my fabric gets stuck in bins. I bought a see through three tier bin and dragged out fabric I knew I would use. So hence why I found the fabric I forgot I had purchased. Go me!

Then I was bored because well, I'm not really in the mood yet to write and rp posts so I figured I'd see what I could come up with. Well my mind went straight for the gutter and wow. Let me tell you Fetish is mighty happy with what I gave her. I'm glad. So now. I'm back to being bored pondering a quick one shot of something I have no clue what.

Oh and today, since I'm starting to ramble I received in the mail Repo The genetic opera. YAY!!!! So, who knows I might end up watching that tonight :P meh we'll see. I know I have a friend popping in around ten tonight so we shall see. Meh I guess I better get back to doing something constructive...... Nah! I think I need to get myself in trouble. [smirks]