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The week in a nutshell

Well what a week it has been. Correction what a month it has been, one thing right after another, which is never fun. My surgery went fine without a hitch aside from the fact I was pissed off..but that's another story. I expected to be away from the net and I wasn't which surprised me considering what had happened. Now the end of the month is near and I had to put my parents dog down. Mind you it should have bothered me and when in fact it didn't in the least. I was there through the whole thing, it was peaceful and the dog is no longer suffering. Not only that the same day my grandmother has a spell, so my mother rushed to that. Not a day later my father (however much he annoys the hell out of me) Ends up with a severe abscessed tooth.

So needless to say the week wasn't boring in the least. Somethings made me think others didn't it's just how I deal. However today I got thinking ( Yeah I know never a good idea with me) But it made he realize that yea, I'm a cold bitch with a lot of things, but hey, life is life you deal with what you got and then you keep on going. At least that's my way of thinking. So it's one am and I'm sitting here wondering if I should watch a movie. :P I want to make a banner for my forum for a challenge and I can't find anything... so a movie works....right.

Here's hoping the next week is better.