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Hot as hell today and I didn't need this

It was hot out today. I spent some time outside working on somethings. Well my son decided in his oh I know everything and you don't that he would stay home this afternoon. Well, it was fine with me I know how hot the school can get. They are heat traps in the summer no doubt about it. My father phones and the tone of his voice I knew he had known my son was home for the afternoon. Well the stupid asshole started ranting about the fact that we let him walk all over us. I got pissed off yelled and then finally not wanting to make it go any further hung up on him. I'm livid, so what if he stayed home for the afternoon. Schools just about out and I'm not fighting with a 12 yr old. Heck all these people that are older think kids walk all over the parents. What do they expect. We can't do anything to them, our hands are tied. Sure you can yell and scream at the kids but that just puts the stress level up on yourself.

Yeah I hung up on my father, No more, I'm not listening to it. No more listening to the negativity, I said I was done with it and I am. Maybe he'll learn instead to just be positive. I doubt it thought he's set in his ways and only has been worse since his medical problems. They wonder why I never show up.. well there's the answer right there.