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Inspiration comes from the most amazing places. It's interesting, really. Today while trying to get my living room done and reorganized I was looking through my sewing stuff and I came across my quilting rulers. I was like where can I put them. Well it dawned on my I should make a bag for the quilting supplies and I'm not just talking about the patterns or the fabric. I'm talking about the rulers the quilting table( it folds up ) and the little knick knacks that go with it. So I'll be making a bag for that.

Among that today I found fabric I forgot I had. How did that happen? Well easy really considering I don't have a lot of room so my fabric gets stuck in bins. I bought a see through three tier bin and dragged out fabric I knew I would use. So hence why I found the fabric I forgot I had purchased. Go me!

Then I was bored because well, I'm not really in the mood yet to write and rp posts so I figured I'd see what I could come up with. Well my mind went straight for the gutter and wow. Let me tell you Fetish is mighty happy with what I gave her. I'm glad. So now. I'm back to being bored pondering a quick one shot of something I have no clue what.

Oh and today, since I'm starting to ramble I received in the mail Repo The genetic opera. YAY!!!! So, who knows I might end up watching that tonight :P meh we'll see. I know I have a friend popping in around ten tonight so we shall see. Meh I guess I better get back to doing something constructive...... Nah! I think I need to get myself in trouble. [smirks]

An Angel on my shoulder

I do not own Anita Blake verse or Supernatural. I own Drake Shamis only. Other characters are owned by their respective owners.

The spirit world had shoved him back into the land of the living and hell he didn’t want to be there. Turning his head, he buried it into the pillow as a groan left him. Head pounded with the force of the hang over and the dream waking him so fast that he was disoriented. Come to think of it, it took him a few minutes to remember why he had been so drunk in the first place.

It all came crashing back as he gasped bolting upright on the bed. Eyes blurred slightly but he noticed on thing… Seth standing at the foot of the bed. No, it was not Seth, for one the Hyena didn’t wear those clothes and the look on the man’s face was blank, expressionless. So unlike the youngest of the fantastic four. Swinging his legs out he rubbed the back of his neck then turned his head and glanced at the Seth look alike. Strangely, Drake knew who it was, and he scowled at the angel, “You know, fucking with a man on a spirit dream is like fucking with his guns… What the hell do you want?”

“You should be a little nicer White Warrior Cougar. I have something to tell you.”

“Ok like…lets see, your friends are safe with god, or better yet that your friends are in the spirit world happy. I don’t buy it.” Drake was angry, pissed off and lonely as hell. All of his friends had died face down, so he couldn’t help guide them to the spirit world. It struck a cord in him that Thayet couldn’t even seem to ease. Everyone kept telling him time would ease the pain of losing his best friend and lover, and his other two best friends. He doubted it would, after all, he was a human servant and he would be around as long as Thayet would be. It wasn’t something he looked forward too. He wanted his friends and it was just too much to ask. Reached for the bottle of rum he opened it, took a swig, and sighed before looking back over to the angel, “Why don’t you take you scrawny ass out of here before I find the spear of destiny and kill you with it?”

“Because I’m going to take you to your friends.”

“Right… so your gonna pull something the coyote would do just for what… to make this bounty hunter happy?”

“God wills that you join them.”

Pulling out he walked towards the angel the bottle of rum in his hand he threw it past Castiel, it smashed against the wall liquid flying and the glass falling where it landed. Standing in front of the angel, it was hard not to take in the same features that were so much like Seth’s, “I can’t die in case you noticed, I’m a human servant.”

“Who said anything about dying?”

Tilt of head he quirked a brow, what the hell was up with this guy, the only way he could join his friends was to die. Shaking his head he pulled away and kicked at the table near him, “Don’t be putting thoughts in my head, I have enough problems right now then to be thinking there’s a way I can be with them.
“But there is, they may have died in this realm but they are alive in another and remember you and would like you there.”

“Bullshit, go talk to the hand asshole.”

“Do you not trust your instincts Drake Shamis, your instincts tell you right now that what I say is true. I can take you to them; you only have to take my hand. You will not die here and your Mistress will still have you here. You will be…”

Drake looked over as shook his head, “I’ll be what… A spirit myself… What good is that, if I can't touch Taylor and feel him…?”

“You will be like myself….an angel.”

Hmmm, he’d finally lost it, really lost it. He gave a laugh, “I should go all Constantine on your ass you know that?”

“If you want too you can but I don’t think Constantine would like that very much he’s doing his job and you need to do yours.”

“And what’s that?”

“Keep the balance.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not in the princess bride and I’m not a pirate.”

“Just take my hand Drake. You’ll understand soon enough.”

Shamis watched as Castiel moved his hand an offering, the temptation to take the hand was overwhelming. Reaching out he took it. He couldn’t keep going on, as he had been, useless to Thayet and drinking constantly. He had to trust his gut instincts and it said that this was right.

He was in the hotel room one minute then next on the edge of the woods in some god-forsaken town staring at a hotel room. There walking side by side where two… Tegans?! Seth and Taylor walking beside a younger man. Confusion crossed his face as he turned his head to ask Castiel what was going on. There was no one there; just him standing there staring back at the three people he loved more then anything in the world. His heart went to his throat as a sob left him, sinking to his knees he finally did something that he had not been able to do since the death of his friends. He cried poured out all the emotions in one horrific go. Head turned up as he screamed only to feel a hand so familiar settle on his shoulder, then slide down and pull him into a hug and embrace that he just shuttered against it burying his head, “Welcome home Drake.” The voice…belonging to none other then his lover and best friend Taylor.

I'm back

Yeah I'm alive - Who would have thought eh?
Really, too much is going on in my personal life that I just don't have time to sit here and whine and bitch about what's going on. I'll give you the low down though so you'll get a picture of what's going on.

1. I'm still having attacks. Not as frequent but enough.
2. My kids are keeping me busy.
3. Hubby has major medical issues and we are still dealing with that.
4. I'm a dufus.
5. Wait is that dork?
6 I'm in a time in my life where I can't be arsed to give a damn. o.O so yeah.

That's the short of it.
On another note however, I'm still alive I'm kicking and I'm well, me.


Three hours sleep, a week of a solid headache... and AND, [giggles] I'm myself again. YAY!
So this LJ is usually about my gripes in life or when I'm bored and just want to do something; I'm going to post something positive for a chance.

I see a light at the end of the tunnel, it's not white.. it's black, Embrace it oh hell ya, Halloween is coming up and I have some plans and pictures will be taken. They think I'm insane.... [shifty eyes] I'm not. :P

Here's to fall and Halloween the time for the truly insane to get down and crazy!

The week in a nutshell

Well what a week it has been. Correction what a month it has been, one thing right after another, which is never fun. My surgery went fine without a hitch aside from the fact I was pissed off..but that's another story. I expected to be away from the net and I wasn't which surprised me considering what had happened. Now the end of the month is near and I had to put my parents dog down. Mind you it should have bothered me and when in fact it didn't in the least. I was there through the whole thing, it was peaceful and the dog is no longer suffering. Not only that the same day my grandmother has a spell, so my mother rushed to that. Not a day later my father (however much he annoys the hell out of me) Ends up with a severe abscessed tooth.

So needless to say the week wasn't boring in the least. Somethings made me think others didn't it's just how I deal. However today I got thinking ( Yeah I know never a good idea with me) But it made he realize that yea, I'm a cold bitch with a lot of things, but hey, life is life you deal with what you got and then you keep on going. At least that's my way of thinking. So it's one am and I'm sitting here wondering if I should watch a movie. :P I want to make a banner for my forum for a challenge and I can't find anything... so a movie works....right.

Here's hoping the next week is better.

Hot as hell today and I didn't need this

It was hot out today. I spent some time outside working on somethings. Well my son decided in his oh I know everything and you don't that he would stay home this afternoon. Well, it was fine with me I know how hot the school can get. They are heat traps in the summer no doubt about it. My father phones and the tone of his voice I knew he had known my son was home for the afternoon. Well the stupid asshole started ranting about the fact that we let him walk all over us. I got pissed off yelled and then finally not wanting to make it go any further hung up on him. I'm livid, so what if he stayed home for the afternoon. Schools just about out and I'm not fighting with a 12 yr old. Heck all these people that are older think kids walk all over the parents. What do they expect. We can't do anything to them, our hands are tied. Sure you can yell and scream at the kids but that just puts the stress level up on yourself.

Yeah I hung up on my father, No more, I'm not listening to it. No more listening to the negativity, I said I was done with it and I am. Maybe he'll learn instead to just be positive. I doubt it thought he's set in his ways and only has been worse since his medical problems. They wonder why I never show up.. well there's the answer right there.

What is your starwars horoscope?

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Two weeks of sore eyes, plus constant headaches.... Today its a roaring big time. My stomach is rolling and all I want to do is crawl into bed and make it all go away. Kids are home today because they closed the schools because of the storm last night...

Someone take me away please.

It can go

The hole for all I care.

World bite me!